Commuter Question--help appreciated.

Ali Ersen Erol

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Jan 16, 2013
Hello everyone!

I am a graduate student at a university and my home is 6 miles away. First I bought a folding bike, Dahon Mu8, so that I can take the bike to my office and not worry about it, or its any parts, being stolen. But, after about 4-5 months of riding, I feel like this folding bike is not up for the task of riding 12 miles a day. It has 8 gears, 20'' tires, and feels fragile, to be honest. I wish I knew this beforehand, I would bought something different then. Anyhow!

So, I want to buy a proper road bike, which I can ride throughout the year, which is fast, agile, and certainly not fragile. In some local bike shops I found discounts on CAAD8 and Allez for 750 bucks. Do you recommend any of those? I am trying to stay below 800 dollars. Or do you have any other recommendations?

Thank you.


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Jan 11, 2009
yes both are good, price estimate looks good too, could you ask please what kind of equipment they have (like Shimano 105, or Sram, or Ultegra) then we can give you a more complete answer, both alternatives will give you lots of open territory if you want to start riding for sport, i have one concern though, do you need or plan to install a rack to carry your bags and working stuff ?