Commuter/Short Touring Advice - Part 2

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by jsirabella, Jan 9, 2011.

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    Hey All,

    Finally got my CX frame up and running with all parts from my old bikes including rear rack and saddle bags ready to go but I need some more advice on a couple things..

    I deal with LBP at times and trying to make it work the best.

    1) Seat - Everyone talks about Brooks being it. Is it? I hear though you have to go through alot to get it to be perfect in terms of working it in. Any advice?

    2) Seat Post - Same issue but any advice that can minimize LBP. I see some with springs? Any advice?

    3) Tires - Which are good commuters but not too slow. Armadillos? Bontrager Hard Case? For my trainer I bought a couple Bontrager R1(??) but they already started to burn up bad. I can not believe the bubbles in them already after 2-3 mos. I have a CT and that has never happen before. Any advice?

    Thanks all for reading...