Commuting and wet weather. Help needed


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Feb 25, 2007
I commuted on an old, heavy (20 kgs!!) mtb hardtail for 10 years. Then smashed bike and self up in an accident.

As I had recently started doing longer rides of c40kms at the weekend I replaced the old bike with a flat bar road bike.

I've been enjoying this bike on the longer rides but on the commute (8kms) I'm feeling a bit less stable than on the mtb. There's a bit of toe overlap and I'm also a bit jittery on the 28 tyres in the wet.

Had the idea of buying a commuter/wet weather bike and then got the idea of a SS because I hate cleaning the cassette and also I'd get the added bonus of a better workout on the short commute. 3 options.

1) SE Lager. Cheap, will carry 32's.

2) Mongoose Sabrosa. SS mtb but set up for road. Larger wheel, fat tires (but I'd probably run 35's), disc brakes, 42/16 gearing.

3) Stop whingeing, ride current bike more often, get used to the thinner tyres and clean and lube more often.

Any input welcomed on either of the above options. Also any views on whether wider tyres, disc brakes and mtb geometry are safer in the wet.

Thanks in advance for any help rendered.


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Jul 23, 2005
This is going to be a SWEEPING GENERALIZATON, but most 700c bikes with cantilever brake mounts (which your bike apparently has) can handle 700x32 tyres without too much effort ... and possibly, 700x42.

You'll need new tubes for either size tyre.