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> HHS wrote:
>> Perhaps it isn't for you and your countrymen, but I think most Americans
>> would consider $6.50 a gallon for gasoline a bit out of line inasmuch as
>> that is twice the price are currently paying.

> However, that doesn't of itself make it unreasonable.

Yes, it does you g.d. stupid asshole! We should have taken over those Arab
oil fields way back when, but instead we elected to pay them for it.
Freaking Brits will pay anything because they are wimps and have no guts for
standing up to anyone anymore.

>>> Despite the prices we pay, SUV's have never been more popular. Go, as
>>> they say, (a) do the math and then (b) figure...

>> You folks live on an island so maybe your average annual auto milage is
>> much less than ours. The amount of roadways we build annually would
>> probably amaze you.

> I don't really see why you made that point in what appears to be response
> to the paragraph I wrote above, which demonstrates that where cars are
> concerned people are quite prepared to be Really Dumb in the UK and I
> doubt the US is different in that regard...

You live on a very tiny island and do not know what a continent is. There
are COUNTIES in the U.S. that are almost as large as your freaking England.

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Screw you and your freaking signature, you dumb jackass!


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