Commuting Panniers with Padded Laptop Holder


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Nov 14, 2014
Greetings! I am a long time commuter who uses the Ortlieb panniers to commute. These have been wonderful but previous panniers that were more fashionable and appropriate for wearing on the shoulder broke within a week of my purchasing them.

Given the varied nature of panniers' durability, does any one have a recommendation for a good pannier that clips onto a back rack which meets the following criteria:
1. snaps on to back rack
2. water proof
3. (most important) holds a laptop securely

Thank you for your advice!!
Are you thinking along these lines:

If so I would still put a laptop into a either a ziplock plastic bag or a waterproof sleeve even though the pannier claims it's water proof...I never take this sort of thing for guaranteed fact when it comes to expensive electronics.

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