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    Feb 24, 2007
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    For the past 3 years now, i've been commuting 32 ks a day on my Giant Rincon MTB, but I now want something a bit more speedy. My route involves dirt, bad and fine roads. In September i'm planning on taking the 9 day, 6000 k event from Miles to Moolumbah (in Qld, Australia). Therefore, i wouldn't like a roadie that can only ride on smooth asphalt. I also would like a bike capable of taking a rack and areobar. I've been looking at bikes such as: the Giant CRX zero, Trek XO1, Trek Portland, Cannondale T2000, Cannondale Bad Boy and the new Giant TCX. Which bike should I chose? I love the look of the Bad Boy, but would it be able to withstand commuting easily? Would it be overkill to ride the T2000 everyday? Is the Portland more a aroadie than a real commuter? Right now the Giant CRX Zero looks the best, but it's main problem is the missing brop-bar. I like the feeling of a drop-bar, but do i really need it??

    Advise greatly needed!