Compact Frames...

Bro Deal said:
The problem with that guess is that the Tuscany has a _shorter_ wheelbase than the Sienna. It comes from a front center that is roughly half a centimeter longer in Litespeed's compact geometry. The seat tube angles and chain stay lengths are equivalent for similar sizes of trad and compact Litespeed frames. The Tuscany and Sienna may feel different when climbing, but that has exactly zip to do with whether or not they are compact. Litespeed could have built the Tuscany with the same geometry as the Sienna.
Well, my amplifiers all go up to 11, which is one more than 10, so it must be louder.

I will admit that it could all be smoke and mirrors and BS, or the 11 amplifier in "Spinal Tap" But in addition to my impromptu roadtest because my Tuscany buddy thought I was nuts when I suggested that my Sienna climbed better, I also tested both bikes brand new at my LBS and the compact geometry of the Siena just felt quicker and more responsive. It's also good to know that I shoud not be giving up any comfort when I ride a 150 mile charity ride (MS150) this weekend.