Compact Geometry Question


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Aug 6, 2004
I was in a national chain store today that sells Cannondale bicycles, as well as just about any outside gear you can imagine. I was browsing the bicycles, as I am in the market for a road bike. They have the Cannondale R1000 for under $1400 and I was asking questions of the sales guy. I was also honest with him and let him know that I was bidding on a 2002 Giant bicycle on ebay and I would be buying it if I won it, but I might be interested in the Cannondale if I didn't win it.

He looked at me and told me that I would not be able to ride a compact geometry bike because my legs are too long and I have a short torso. Now, I am only 5' 11" and my inseam is 32 1/2".

I don't agree with his assessment and I really think he may have just been trying to pressure sell me the bike.

Any opinions on if he was right and likes and dislikes of compact geometry.

The other bicycle I have been trying to find is a used or 2003 Cervelo Soloist 105 as I want to do some duathlons.

Right now I ride a mountain bike with slicks so anything would be an improvement.

Find a Giant you can test ride.

I ride an '03 Giant (size large). I have a 33" inseam, but I am also just over 6'1"...

I sometimes feel like I need a longer bike (my spine is pretty long), but I am generally very happy with it.

Keep in mind that if you are going to use it for duathlons, you may want aerobars, and if you want to use clip ons, you don't want to be reaching too far...
I ride a MTB with slicks too and I'm going to buy my new roadie this weekend, I've been doing alot of research and asking alot of questions. The only definite conclusion I've come to is DONT BUY A BIKE WITHOUT RIDING IT FIRST and ride a few different brands. As soon as I get off of work I'm going to my LBS's and jumping on a Cannondale R1000 and then a Trek 2100 and the ride will be my deciding factor.