Companions wanted for U.S. West Coast tour

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  1. Dave Knott

    Dave Knott Guest

    Looking for cycling companions on a North-South tour of the U.S. west coast. The trip will be
    border-to-border, starting in Vancouver, British Columbia and ending in San Diego, California.

    Although I'm planning on cycling all the way through, others need not do the whole thing. I'm just
    looking for riding partners on as much of the trip as possible.

    I'll be departing Vancouver on or about June 15th and am planning between five and six weeks total
    for the trip. The route will be primarily coastal. Accomodations will be campsites most of the way,
    with the occasional motel.

    This should be a fun adventure on one of the classic North American tours. FYI, I am a male in his
    early thirties, in good shape.

    Anybody interested can contact me at the e-mail listed below. (Remove SPAMBLOCK from the address)

    later, dave
    Dave Knott Graduate Student University of B.C. [email protected]

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.