Competitive cyclists needed for a research study


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Nov 5, 2020
Hi everyone,

I posted on here back in November and did not have much luck but thought I would try again...

I am recruiting competitive cyclists (and other endurance/water-based athletes) for a qualitative research study that I am conducting as part of my PhD. The study aims to explore athletes' experiences leading up to upper respiratory tract infection (common cold) symptoms, and the direct/indirect impact such symptoms may have had on your sporting performance.

As a participant, all you will need to do is attend a one-off interview via video call with myself - these typically last between 40-60 minutes. To be eligible, you need to be competing at a regional or higher level and over the age of 18.

This research study will provide you with a good insight into how research is conducted at a University and give you a good opportunity to reflect on your experiences - previous participants have found this surprisingly helpful!

Please let me know if you are interested in taking part by contacting me: [email protected]


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