Compitability of triple chainsets with standard campag ergopower levers?


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Jan 28, 2003
Can anyone offer any advice concerning the compatibility of triple chainsets with standard campag ergopower levers?

I am currently using a TA touring triple chainset with a campag veloce triple front changer and Modolo Morphos levers. Due to some concerns over the reliability of these levers, I am thinking of upgrading to a set of 8spd campag ergopower levers (if I can ever find any!). Has anyone had any experience with running a similar set-up, or are you aware of a dedicated triple-chainset left hand ergopower lever?

Thanks in advance of any help you can offer.

glandfield - I know the latest Campy ergopower levers, i.e. 2002 – 2003 models, are double and triple compatible. I'm not sure about the older ones though.

Visit the Campy website. Under each model they have a Q&A section. I can remember reading something to the effect you enquire. They discuss the 9speed 8speed compatibility at great length.

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