Complete this survey for a chance to win a free pair of oakley sunglasses!

Kathy Chang

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Mar 27, 2017
Hello everyone,

Please take 5 minutes out of your day to complete this consumer survey that will help a young bike brand better understand your needs! This survey can be found here:

A random user will be selected to receive a free pair of Oakley sunglasses!

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Kathy Chang | 415.890.4770
I've tried, but find some questions difficult to answer.
You say:
Rank the following characteristics from most to least important.
In that section, what do you mean by "safety"?
It's rare to see a bike that's dangerous by itself.
Most risks related to bike riding comes from use/misuse.
Assuming a bike is structurally sound, about the only bikes where I might question "safety" are low recumbents used in traffic and bikes with poor/no brakes used in traffic.

What do you mean by "ease of ride"?
Pedalling effort? Fit/Comfort?, how user-friendly brakes, shifters etc are?

What do you mean by "aestethics/design"?
The Graphics, color scheme etc?
Or the functional parts like frame geometry, wheel base etc?
If the price is right, I might well buy a bike in a color I don't like, as long as the fit & function is something I want/need bad enough. I'll spend more time riding it than looking at it anyhow.

And what about "accessories"?
Is this about what's on the bike at point of purchase?
Or proprietary parts that can be added?
Most bike accessories are fairly generic, and are available in versions for just about any bike.
To me, accessories mostly have a bearing on price.
If I want racks & fenders on a bike that hasn't got them, I'll keep that (extra cost) in mind when I look at the price.

Overall, the survey seems to assume that I only have one bike, presumably bought for one purpose.

I, and probably most regulars here, have several bikes, bought for different reasons and different uses.

If I had the place to store them, there are several oddball designs I'd like to have for the novelty value.
I'd might like a Banana Seat Bike for the nostalgia etc etc
real Oakleys or Chinese knockoffs?

Weird, I did the survey, but how the heck are they going to establish a winner of the glasses when the survey didn't ask any contact questions?
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