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Jul 17, 2007
Hi folks, and thanks for a great resource. I'm a fairly casual rider, mostly for exercise, and am trying to ride a bit every day. I've found keeping track of my rides is a motivating factor. Distance, time, speed etc. I have a basic Cateye computer, but would like to track my progress a little more.

I downloaded CycleStats trial version, and like it, but as I got ready to click and buy it, I realized that I was spending a good chunk for just some software. Wasn't there a way to put that money into a cyclocomputer that talked to my real computer? I also think tracking my heart rate and cadence might help with the motivation.

I almost bought the Polar CS200cad, until I read all the complaints here. Some seemed old, so I wonder if Polar's cleaned up it's act. Also, the idea that it's some strange connection via speakers & microphone bugs me. Why not simple USB? Even cheap cellphones sync up that way. And does that information do anything on my computer? Or do I have to use their website? Does that really give me anything worthwhile?

So bottom line on this long first post, what do I really need? I want all the usual statistics, plus heart & cadence, and would like to keep track of it all on my computer. Preferably with a connection, not just typing it in.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.