congestion charge cheerieness

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Luigi De Guzman

This congestion charging business is fantastic.

Queues at stoplights are at about a third of what they were initially. At the head of one queue, a
motorbike courier--not usually the most cheerful of road users here in central London--broke into a
wide grin and random conversation. "I like this congestion charging!" he said, with a chuckle,
looking at the space that seemed to open up around us as we waited for the light to change coming
off Waterloo Bridge onto the Strand.

A quick run into and out of the LSE (on the Aldwych) was...pleasurable! No white-knuckle merges into
endless phalanxes of motorized traffic. Suddenly space to think, time to react. Look, signal, move,
turn the pedals and mind the pedestrians.

Get on yer bikes and ride!

-Luigi (daily run--quick dash from Bankside to the LSE, all within the Zone.)
Not open for further replies.