Congrats to Yohann Gene!

Discussion in 'Professional Cycling' started by tonyzackery, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Yeah, okay, so he got his second stage win of the race where he's been pitted against some early season European competition (Sylvain Chavanel, Jerome Pineau, Anthony Chartreau) and some local Cat. 3s(/img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif jus' kiddin'), but 2 wins are still 2 wins. Hey, IIRC that's more than either Cav or Greipel have at this time of year - combined!

    Checked him out and he won a race last year too - another early season race. Palmares aren't that impressive, but hey, he's still mixin' it up with the big boys and gettin' paid to do it.

    What struck me, of course, is the fact that the guy is of African descent - born in some far-away island; Pointe a Pitre to be exact. Obviously a French colony of former slaves. (I have no idea where that is and don't really care to look it up).

    LOL! I know he and I are as close to being related as lions and tigers are, but this rarity has me intrigued in some remote-kind of brotherhood way...LOL! You go boy!

    Makes me wonder if the European riders are gettin' paid off to let him win. LOL! Listen-here, snowflake, if you don't let the black guy win, we'll be havin' you for dinner tonight...LOL!


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    Yeah, your man Yohann seems to have the victory salute down well. I took time to look up Pointe-a-Pitre. It's the major city in Guadalope, a French island in the Leeward islands. I'll take a wild guess that the race is in Gabon, a french-speaking country in central west africa.