Congratulations to CCA's Kris Westwood

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    I would like to congratulate Kris Westwood on his new position at the CCA

    I look forward to being able to work with you soon, Kris.

    This ties directly into the Athlete Development"" post mentioned on this forum below. It sort of explains my comment.


    June 2005
    June 9, 2005 (Ottawa) – The Canadian Cycling Association is happy to announce that Kris Westwood has been hired as High Performance Director, effective immediately. Westwood will head the CCA’s High Performance sector and will be working closely with HP Manager Sean O’Donnell, the national team coaches and the national cycling centre coaches.

    Westwood brings more than 20 years’ experience in competitive cycling to this new position. A national team member in the 1990s, he competed in road, track, mountain bike and cyclocross, has worked in key support roles at events ranging from track six-days to the Olympic Games, and is playing a key role in developing our new Long-term Athlete Development Model. He was the CCA’s National Team Coordinator from 1999 to 2001, and National Development Coach from 2004 to present.

    “I’m thrilled the CCA has shown confidence in me by selecting me as High-Performance Director,” said Westwood. “It’s a great feeling to be part of the young, passionate team we are building here in the office, and I’m looking forward to working in a more significant role with our greatest asset – the athletes.”

    “We made this decision with the long-term interests of Canadian cycling in mind,” commented CCA COO Steve Lacelle. “Kris has a clear mandate to build a stronger high performance program and I am confident that by implementing the vision he articulated during the selection process, he will build a program that will exceed expectations.”

    “I’m very happy with the choice of Kris Westwood for the High Performance Director position,” added Louis Barbeau, chair of the CCA High Performance Committee. “His technical knowledge of the sport of cycling across all disciplines is an important asset in his new position. I’m confident that his passion and leadership will also be key elements in the success of the Association in the coming years.”

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