Conrad Evans: by Trike Around Oz



Conrad Evans: by Trike Around Oz

Conrad Evans is riding his trike and trailer, unsupported, around Australia. Ho hum, eh?

Aged 27 and from the United Kingdom, Con has cerebral palsy, right hemiplegia, and epilepsy. Unable to ride a bike, Conrad found a way to adventure anyway. By tricycle.

His disability does not stop him from doing anything he wants to do - because he will not let it stop him. Conrad sees his disability as a reason to DO something rather than a reason NOT to. He feels he should use what he has to inspire others, to discover that they can do what they want to do if they just put their mind to it. Quite a mission.

Living in the UK, 1994 saw Conrad take on his first big triking challenge, the "End to End" ride from Land's End to John O'Groats. On this ride, he raised funds for the UK charity Scope. In 1999, Con's Three Wheels Across America adventure took him 7500km miles coast to coast from San Francisco in California to Yorktown, Virginia in just over 4 months. While raising more funds for Scope, Con also found he had an appetite for global adventure. Thus the idea for Three Wheels Around Oz was born.

Con arrived in Australia in early March. He set off without fanfare from the Sydney Opera House on 16 March 2002 on his 10 month 15,000km journey around our coastline. His planned route takes him from Sydney to Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and back to Sydney. He aims to arrive back in Sydney in January 2003. The principal objective of the expedition is to raise funds for the medical research charity, Action Research.

As of the weekend, Con had reached Hawk's Nest, north of Newcastle and was getting into the swing of cycling. On the road he travels solo and unsupported, though he is slowly gathering a small band of helpers in towns along the way. Conrad would greatly appreciate any support, however little.

The latest on Con's epic journey can be found at
You can send him an encouraging email at
[email protected]
To offer more practical support en route go to
For donations, go to the Action page
Select "Sponsor Someone", type in Three Wheels and follow your nose.
If you see or hear of Con's adventure you can keep his family and friends up to date here:
Lastly you can telephone Conrad on his mobile
0405 383 554.

Please help if you can.

Don Clark
Quite a journey! Maybe a forum member from OZ can meet up with him when he cycles thro their town and have a snapshot taken and posted here?
Thanks Vo2, nice idea - let's see if anyone puts their hand up!
Good news from Con.

I've just been talking to him (about 0845am my time) and he's sounding pretty chirpy. I caught him at the camping ground in Port Macquarie and I could hear the birds singing down the phone line! We had a good chat about cycling, trikes & trailers vs 2 wheels and lotsa panniers.

He's got a leg of about 50km in mind today, which will get him to Kempsey. He's aiming to make Coffs Harbour (about another 100km on) on Thursday, staying there over Easter before setting off again next Tue.
An epic journey indeed.
Wonder what make of trike he's riding? Windcheetah? Greenspeed?
HPV groups may be interested in this journey.
Willie, send him an email and ask him!

[email protected]

Con Spent 4 days in Brisbane, Queensland State capital, and by Monday had passed the 1000km mark, north of Brissie at Maroochydore. He should be in Maryborough now, camped for the night.

When we last spoke, he was very happy with the trailer, saying it was very stable down hill.

He got a piece in the Sydney Morning Herald
just a month after leaving Sydney! Ah Sydney! Harbour City!
Just sent Conrad an email of encouragement. Sounds a great guy with the right mindset. ;)

Incidentally I haven't seen a racing trike for many years. Not an easy thing to ride. It's not like those we were riding as five year olds ;D Take a fast tight bend without practice and lean into it like on a bike and you'll roll it for sure! :'( Did that to my mate's racing trike once, despite being warned! ::) Upset him greatly! :p
Con is expecting to reach Rockhampton on 26 April. He's taking time to enjoy the ride. He found Noosa Heads so nice he stopped there for a day.

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