Conti Twister Supersonic: too light or just right?


Ed Treijs

I'm looking to replace the tires on my quite lightweight Gary Fisher MTB.

It's used for off-road riding mostly, but there are stretches of gravel or
chipsealed access road too.

As the bike is light, I'm tempted to get Twister Supersonic tires because,
well, the tires are really light.

Typical off-road trails are rocky and rooty, with patches of sand, gravel,
and mud (around the Niagara Escarpment, or in the Kawarthas, in Ontario).
I'm not a big radical rider getting big air or anything--way too old to heal
quickly and therefore fairly conservative. The trails do have some steep
uphills and downhills; off-camber is rare (I no longer live handy to the
Don Valley trails for city riding). My conservative riding means that I have
never had a pinch flat or tire damage off-road that I can recall.

I don't get out for nearly enough rides, so even poorly-wearing tires will
last two or three years.

My favoured riding is hard-packed singletrack, but ya gotta ride the trails
you've got.

I'm thinking that if the Twister Supersonics work well, then all is good. If
they turn out to be too light (insufficient traction, punctures) then I know
that I need to go heavier.

My question is, who has tried the Twister Supersonics? If everyone says "way
too light", then I'll look for something a bit more substantial.