Continental Grand Prix 4000 vs. Conti All-Season

gclark8 said:
I looked on the web page for TPI, not yet published:

On pressures,
for comfort, 85 front, 100 rear,
for Tri use, 100 front, 105 rear is sufficient for me, keeping in mind both bikes are fitted with flat bars, not drop or aero. If I could find a super smooth surface, I would try a slightly higher pressure.
From what I can make out from their German 2006 catalog at:

It looks like they have the same nominal advertised casing TPI (independent of the extra breaker belts) as the GP 4-Season and Attack/Force.

GP4000 - 3/330 (3 Lagen/total 330tpi* + Vectran Breaker)
GP 4-Season 3/330 (3 Lagen/total 330tpi* + Nylon Double Breaker + DuraSkin)
(e.g. 110 tpi fabric)
*tpi siehe Seite 54