Continental grandprix 4 seasons


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Nov 7, 2007
South Bedfordshire
Hi All, Does anyone use the continental grand prix 4 season tyres? How do you get on with them? I have just switched from gatorskins to these for the winter hoping for better puncture protection and better grip in those UK winter mucky conditions. So far the grip seems better but puncture resistance I am not sure about as I got a puncture yesterday after only about 150 miles on them. . . . I'd be interested to hear how others get on??


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Sep 27, 2014
I have used the 4 seasons and did not find them any more puncture-prone than most. I have never used gatorskins, but my understanding is that they are the most puncture-resistant of the line. The 4 seasons add sidewall protection to the GP 4000, which only has it under the tread. I honestly didn't notice a lot of difference between the 4000s and the 4 seasons, but I am not the most high-performance cyclist around.
Doesn't really answer your question, but hope it helps.