Contrast Of Several Ebikes

jenny james

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Aug 18, 2015
[SIZE=12pt]Here is the contrast of several popular ebikes on the market to show the range in cost, weight, mileage, flexibility, speed control, safety and the length of time it takes to recharge the battery: [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Storm eBike[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Wave eBike[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Freway eBike[/SIZE]


[SIZE=9pt]eZip Trailz Commuter[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Pedego City Commuter Classic[/SIZE]








[SIZE=9pt]Weight (lbs)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]55 [/SIZE]​

[SIZE=9pt]50 [/SIZE]​




[SIZE=9pt]50 [/SIZE]​









[SIZE=9pt]Easily glide through snow, sand and wet surfaces[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=9pt]Sit back and relax with the twist of the throttle and cruise on the fully electric motor, or pedal on your own as you would with a classic bicycle. For maximum range, use hybrid mode by pedaling while using the electric motor.[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=9pt]You may switch three cycling mode easily by touch screen[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=9pt]When activated, the “power-on-demand” propulsion system can reach speeds of up to 18 mph from its free-spinning, 300-watt motor mounted to the front wheel, which delivers 500 watts at peak. Just give a half-twist to the throttle and away you go. [/SIZE]​

[SIZE=9pt]Once you’ve selected a battery using the switch on the rear rack you use a toggle switch on the right handle bar to select from twist and go (TAG) or pedal assist mode (PAS).[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=9pt]Three drive modes and five levels of pedal assistance.[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=9pt]Speed control (mph)[/SIZE]








[SIZE=9pt]The throttle won’t start until one presses a button to activate the motor.[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=9pt]You won't have to worry about being stuck with a flat tire as much knowing you're riding on extra thick tire tubes that are internally coated with a puncture resistant sealant. [/SIZE]​

[SIZE=9pt]Riding mode switch on fingertips[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=9pt]Auto front/back lights[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=9pt]Battery Locker[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=9pt]You will love the control and dependability of the Avid BB7 front disc brake plus the efficient and reliable Avid Single Digit 5 V in the rear.[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=9pt]Seven gears on a Shimano rear cassette with an oversized ring for climbing, the front chain ring has an aluminum bash guard that doubles as a chain guide to keep the chain from falling off[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=9pt]Five levels of pedal assist mode for a more natural riding experience[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=9pt]LCD display with USB charging port for your phone and other devices. Front and rear lights. Kevlar belted tires help prevent flats.[/SIZE]​

[SIZE=9pt]Recharge time (hrs)[/SIZE]