Convering a trials uni into a freestyle.

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  1. Catboy

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    I'm working on converting my trials uni into a freestyle on the cheap.
    I'm slapping some good plastic pedals on there, cleaning the whole thing
    up, and might even take off my black Kinport handle while
    busking/performing, just for aesthetics.

    So far my trials works out beautifully as a freestyle. It's not as
    lightwight as I'd assume some of the freestyle rides are, but I wont
    have a "real" freestly uni until I muster up 200 bucks or so for
    something decent.

    I'm wondering what the ideal freestyle tire for an AlexDX32 19" rim
    would be. Preferrably something slicker, thinner, and prettier than the
    Luna trials tire I have on it currently.

    I plan on going to my LBS's and seeing what they've got, but we don't
    really have any good trials stores in town, only BMX, Mountain and
    Distance biking...

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    P.S. I'm going to be crashing part of our 4th of July parade at the
    capital, on my muni, in a full-on Matrix outfit, carrying a sign that
    says "Attack of the Show" for a TV show challenge. I'll be filming it,
    and hopefully I'll be one of the lucky chosen ones featured on TV! I
    might even win if I can do it right! Oh, and don't worry. I'll be as
    repsectulf to our country in doing so. GO BUSH! HURRAY FOR BOOBIES... I
    mean, democracy. Right.

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  2. markf

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    good luck finding a smaller width and slicker 19 inch tire. my advice
    would be to just grab a torker lx for under $100 and call that good.

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  3. U-Turn

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    Changing tires back and forth will basically not work, since it is so
    tedious, and not really that good for the tire or tube. You might
    consider buying a 20" freestyle wheelset and swapping those out.

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  4. dinmamma

    dinmamma Guest

    "I'm converting my freestyle uni into a trials. I've changed the pedals
    to grippy metal ones, and I'm also putting a handle on it. What do you
    think? :confused: "

    Seriously, converting a trials into a freestyle won't make you happy
    with the result. The cranks are too long, the frame is way too heavy,
    the saddle too big and in the way, the tire too big and won't suit any
    freestyle needs.

    Go with the other people's suggestions, even a cheap trainer will be
    better for the purpose of freestyle, although you might want to do
    something about the round fork (gaffer tape, skateboard griptape, etc).

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  5. Stu Carter

    Stu Carter Guest

    On Thu, 30 Jun 2005, dinmamma wrote:

    > [...]
    > better for the purpose of freestyle, although you might want to do
    > something about the round fork (gaffer tape, skateboard griptape, etc).

    Jubilee clip?