Conversion from freewheel to cassette update

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Wayne T

Just wanted to thank everyone for their input in helping me figure out the best way to go with my
conversions from freewheel to cassette. Since you all convinced me, that if I went with the Phil
Wood hubs, that the extra weight would not drag me down, I decided to go with them for both my and
my wife's bike. They are such nice hubs and they tend to last a long time without requiring
maintenance. My wife is also converting from 27" to 700C wheels. She already had PW hubs. Of course,
the back one will have to be replaced. I was going to keep the front one which is in great shape
though 23 years old. However, builder said that I could get $50 credit for the entire wheel. So,
since I the only additional cost is the PW hub, I figure that, after subtracting the $50 credit, it
would cost all that much more for a brand new PW hub. On my bike, I already have 700c wheel, so I
could have simply kept the 25 year old front wheel with a Campy Record hub. However, I decided to
have a wheel built up with a PW as well. I will keep the Campy wheel as a spare just in case of an
accident causing my front wheel to be bent. The rims I have selected is the Velocity Dyads. They are
strong, slightly aero and lighter than then the Mavics. Since they are designed for heavy touring
and tandems, I figure, why not. No point going to a heavier rim when it isn't necessary.

You all convinced me that getting a set of extra light wheels would be a waste of money. So, I have
decided to forgo them and save my money for something else. I must admit that I was a bit concerned
about going out in the country by myself on wheels with only 20 spokes. I feel a bit more secure
knowing there are 32 spokes. They tend to hold up if you have a minor accident, though that may be
silly because I rarely have any accidents, except when some body in a club ride does something weird
and unexpected.

For crank set, I am going with TA Zephyrs. They give the most flexibility when selecting ring sizes.
I plan to go with a 46-36-22 and my wife a 44-34-22.

Since I have to get new bar end shifters, I will get ones that give you the ability to either index
or friction shift.

I decided not to bother getting a Brooks Swift Ti saddle or Thomson seat post. Though my leather
Ideale saddle was distorted by rain, I have another one on a tandem that I haven't been using. I
will use that one and, this time, I will make sure that it is treated properly with Proofhide (I
think that is what it is called) so as to make sure that leather is waterproofed. If that fails,
then I will get a Brooks B17 Champion.

Bikes are due to be finished in about a week and a half. Weather should be starting to get warmer
about then. Really looking forward to getting out on the road again.

Again thanks everyone.
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