Converting a 2002 Giant TCR2 9 speed double crank to a compact crank


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Dec 22, 2014
i currently own a 2002 Giant TCR 2 and have been pleased but as i am approaching 60 and hills aren't getting any easier was thinking of converting to a compact crank. I currently have a Shimano double crank with octalink and found a FSA OMEGA EXO COMPACT Crankset 175mm X 110MM BCD doe 9 speed The bottom bracket currently on there is an octalink 9.5 MM. Will it fit, both brackets are the same diameter. Thanks.
If I understand you correctly, this crankset comes with a Mega-Exo external, British threaded bottom bracket. If so, you're in luck--those outboard bearings will thread right in. If not, you'll need to purchase the Mega-Exo bottom bracket separately.

Be sure to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions for placement of any shims and washers. And remember to lower the front derailleur.
FWIW. On the other hand, if I understand the OP, he is saying that his bike currently has an 109.5mm ([COLOR=c0c0c0]Road, V1[/COLOR]) Octalink BB & Crankset ...
  • While I am one-of-the-twelve people in the World who always-liked-and-still-likes the obsolete Octalink BB, its limitation is requiring one to use one of the limited number of available Octalink Cranksets ...
AND, that the OP wants to know if a MegaExo crankset can be used with the Octalink BB ... So, the answer is [COLOR=FF0000]'NO[/COLOR]' with regard to compatibility ... But, '[COLOR=008000]YES[/COLOR]' with regard to being able to update the bike with the MegaExo Crankset PLUS MegaExo ([COLOR=0000FF]or, Hollowtech II[/COLOR]) Bottom Bracket. BTW. Not necessarily recommended ...
  • RITCHEY & some other brands had 110BCD cranks which used the Octalink interface. For those who may be curious, the XT/LX cranks used a different (V2) Octalink interface & the Q-Factor will be wider than with a normal Road crankset configuration. The same-generation XTR cranks use the same (V1) Octalink interface as the Road cranks ... The Octalink XTR crankset can be used with the 109.5mm Road BB ... BUT, it uses an obsolete 112BCD ... The spider can be changed to a 104BCD spider ... Yes, it would probably be a fairly tedious DIY conversion.
BTW2. A different solution is to simply install a[COLOR=c0c0c0]n 11-32 or 11-34 or[/COLOR] 12-34 Cassette + Shimano MTB rear derailleur + a new (longer) chain. A LONG CAGE Shimano Road rear derailleur can often be adjusted to be used with an 11-32 Cassette ... the "B-screw" may need to be adjusted ... and/or one can replace the 11t upper pulley wheel with a 10t pulley wheel.