Converting a Viscount to air??

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    On my 24" United, I have a Viscount seat. It fits me well and is
    reasonably comfortable for short amounts of time and distance. My
    question is, is it possible to convert these seats to air?

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  2. Yes, and its not that difficult, I did mine and it is cetainly an
    improvement. Unscrew the rear bumper and and carefully peel away the
    cover up to the front bumper, then cut away as much foam as you think is
    necessary to accomadate whatever you choose to use as an air cussion, I
    origonally used a 16'' inner tube folded into four but found that I got
    frequent puntures so now use a tube out of a mountain board which is
    fatter and hopefuly stronger but I only fitted it tonight so am yet to
    find out.
    Don't cut away too much foam as its a good idea to keep the seat shape
    at the front and back and use something sharpe and try to remove it in
    one piece if you can so it can be replaced if for some reason you don't
    get on with the airseat. Its worth stuffing the tube into a sock or
    something so it doesn't squeeze out at the sides too much.
    Then glue the cover back down using contact adhesive or something that
    won't stick it too fast as you might need to revove the tube in future
    to repair puctures.

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    Here's a past thread about converting a Viscount to an air seat:
    'Paper route uni!' (

    And another thread:
    'Viscount airseat conversion' (

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