Converting Campy 8speed cassette to 7speed


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Apr 19, 2004
I have an old roadbike with Campy 8 speed cassette and friction shifting. I have come upon NIS Campy Synchro shifters which are 7sp indexed on the rear shifter. Can I convert my 8sp cassette to 7sp by dropping a cog and changing the spacers? Does anyone know who might sell the spacers if this is posssible?


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Jul 23, 2005
Typically, 7-speed cog spacing and 8-speed Campagnolo cog spacing are the same (5.0mm) ...

  • Shimano's 8-speed spacing is supposedly 4.8mm, but the 8-speed wheels are generally interchangeable if the high-low stops are adjusted for the difference in the offset from the centerline.

If the as-is spacing doesn't work then you can certainly get spacers from WHEELS MANUFACTURING.

The extra spacer(s) can be from any salvaged cassette(s) ... if you feel you need incremental spacers, someone once measured the aluminum in a soda can as 0.2mm.

BTW. Initially, before removing a cog, just swap shifters and see how well the 7-speed indexed shifting works.