converting mtb to road bike

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by tDb_himself, Sep 30, 2003.

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    Sep 4, 2003
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    newbie question, don't get mad
    tell me if there are any chances to convert this kind of mtb (wheeler 3900) in a road bike - u know... thin tires, dropbars, larger chainweels...
    btw, what differences are between road bikes frames and mtb frames?

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    Jul 29, 2003
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    As a bike mechanic and shop service manager for 5 years, and road racer for 5, take my advice .......

    Don't even consider it ........

    The gearing is the biggest concern. You would have a very hard time getting the gearing that will work with today's more compact components for mtb's.

    Next if the frame geometry. It is designed to have you sitting up, and providing clearance for thrashing around the bush. It is not conducive to road riding at all.

    26" wheels are hard to find good quality road tires for every day use, at least on a mtb rim. There are plenty of tires out there, but not to fit a standard mtb width rim. Plus since it is 26", you will need even BIGGER gearing to be consistant with the 700C crowd.

    In all, you will spend a ton more to convert an mtb over than you would to just find a good used road bike online, or at Ebay.
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    Aug 25, 2003
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    if u just want a bike to RIDE on the road u can do it up a cross bike went out of fashion a a few years back but i heard they are cming back. ok manly just get some real slick MTB tyres and thin as u can then different peadals ad that about it . if u want to do more u can fit a par of road bars and a straight stem and different seat. but really the angles in the frame wat suit a road bike so just go for better slick tyres. and drop the bars down a bit.
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    Mar 15, 2003
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    Converting/building a road frame is not that difficult..

    All you need is the right tools.. And some working knowledge..

    MTB frames to Road frames..

    I don't know about the bike you specified, but converting MTB frames to road frames had been done.. I have done 2.

    On Steel MTB frames, the TTs and DTs are usually butted CrMo.. You can use those for your Road frame.. for the rear triangle, just look for old touring CrMo frames.. Usually, the STs and CTs are butted on those, but are still good..

    (If you can afford to get those Reynolds, Deda, Columbus tubesets -- I advise you get those.)

    Decide if you want a lugged frame or want it welded. I prefer lugged frames..
    Get your desired lugs, you must have decided and have your frame geo. specs ready before you buy your lugs.
    Insert tubes/weld it in place..
    The put in the drop outs...
    There you go....
    The hardest part is aligning the frame..

    You get a full CrMo frame and save yourself $1000bucks..

    Before you do this, make sure your specs are right... CAD software are available cheap nowadays..

    The last frame I made had Columbus a TT and DT, Tange ST, CS. Reynolds SS.. Very light.. at 1.7kg. Used 2 road frames to build this..