Greetings !
It has been awhile since I've posted but this years Thanksgiving Dinner
brought to light some rather interesting nuances in the kitchen. I've always
been a fan of the plain and simple when it came to cookware. Stainless
steel, no coatings or copper clad stainless was best. No aluminum in the
works at all. My favorite set was just copper on stainless, no core, no
aluminum, no multi-layered. After having a heck of a time really heating up
a well known brand of stainless with an aluminum core I decided the stuff
has to go. I would like a set of cookware, stainless steel or stainless with
copper exterior... Solid metal handles. I cannot find a good set without
having to spend moocho bucks.... For what I ask?? Any ideas???
No teflon, solid brass or metal handles, all stainless or copper on
stainless... No bloody core, thank you .Any help is appreciated. Ed