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    i was wondering what your cyclists (that doesnt run!) does for the coopertest.Maybe also tell me your weight and level or amount of cycling. It would be intresting to see.

    The entrance norms for special forces is 3000m (europe) and i heard once in training most soldiers run 3500 meters! Thats crazy. :)

    Since i also ran not anymore but i want to wait a bit longer so my running effct is gone. Anyways i could hold sub 6 minutes per mile pace in an hour run(race) on my peak running shape. But that is done.Running aint as healthy a cycling.And it holds my power to perform well in parkour.

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    Cooper test is not really that great a test, in terms of testing overall fittness. The only way to practice for it is really to run for 12 minutes. Its pointless running much longer than that length of time, since then one will get tired and get used to running at a slower pace. Doing 6 minute runs however will do you some good. Even shorter runs, 3-4 minutes, every once in a while, will help adjust you to running at a quicker pace.

    In all honesty, 3000m is nothing special. Im actually surprised how low it is for special forces level (I would have considered it entry level). I think its quite possible to achieve 3500 with maintained (2 runs+ everyday) short distance training over just a few weeks, as long as youre getting close to 3000m at the moment. Im no olympian myself, I am 12st ish and when running regularly last summer 3000m would have been no problem.

    Cycling on its own will not help very much, since it will not build up the same amount of strength in some parts of your legs (knees etc). It probably best to do a bit of both. Look into triathlon training if you want to do both.

    What is it youre doing cooper test for? The French foreign legion did away with the cooper test last year in favour of bleep test, if thats what youre thinking of doing.[​IMG]