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Jan 1, 2005
The last race was the Budapest Race and now here is a post describing him winning the Hungarian Nationals with his team. I guess if he can still do it at his age not bad any way you look at it.

I know some of you already gave me the Hungarian cyclocross national title after I won the Budapest 'cross championship, but actually today was the big day for me. Seeing the race course, I was kind of upset, because it wasn't as technical as I expected, and based on the last two races that was my biggest advantage compared to the some of the strongest guys. Those races I was battling with the 2007 road champion (who beat Laszlo Bodrogi) and one of the best mountain bikers in Hungary (who was fighting all year to go to the Olympic games, but the mountain bike federation picked a younger guy, so he couldn't make itut he was really strong). But what I found out in those last two races was that in the technical sections I was always faster. Especially in the running sections, I always opened a little gap on them or was able to take off. But the nationals course had a very long straightaway without any technical section, and just a short uphill running section. So I didn't really dig the course, and my thought about it was, "This course doesn't really suit me!"

Anyway, we lined up for the start and I came out well and took the first turn in around 4th place into the single track. One of the racers took off and halfway through the first lap, he'd already opened a 2-3 second gap. But in cross it is a common thing that some racers have this kamikaze style and then blow up later on. I wasn't worried too much about him was paying more attention to the other more competitive racers. The guy on the front finished the first lap around 3-4 seconds ahead, with a group of 4-5 of us coming up behind him. On the long asphalt section coming to the finish line, last year's (2007) road champ made his move and started to attack. I got on his wheel. Another 4 guys were behind us when we got on the off road section again. I felt really comfortable and only put out as much effort as I had to. I wanted to wait until the second half of the race to start to attack on the most technical section, but I also wanted to see how I was feeling and how the others were racing. Coming up again on the uphill running section the road champ dropped his bike too hard from his shoulder and the chain came off. So I came around him and I started to chase the leader and pretty quickly I took the lead. At that point only 2 guys were able to keep up with me: the good mountain biker and one guy who used to race mountain bikes but the last 2-3 years was doing road and cross. The road champ was about 10-15 seconds behind us. But every lap when we passed a spot on the course where we could see him really well, his gap was pretty much the same every time, so he wasn't coming any closer.

Only two of us in my group with the great mountain biker were working. The third guy had no power to chip in to the work. Even the mountain biker didn't pull hard when he was on the front, and he actually held me back on the technical section. So I took the lead. I just wanted to go in a steady pace because it was too early to attack. The third guy was worn out, but I tried to keep working with the mountain biker. Actually we are studying at the same sport university! We dropped the third guy and kept the same gap from the road champ. I started to feel better and better, and the gap was growing on the road guy (our third guy got dropped back to 4th). With 10 laps to go, I started to push it even more and put a little pressure on my passenger. When we were passing a lapped racer on the technical off road section, I put the hammer down and I attacked. I guess my passenger panicked and lost my wheel, and then made a too-aggressive move, because I heard a scary sound and when I looked back my schoolmate and the lapped guy were on top of each other. I don't like to take off like that, but cross racing has some funny stuff, and he'd already held me back, so sooner or later I had to get away... I just wasn't planning it this way.

I put the hammer down and I started to push. Based on the first half of the race, I had my routine down in terms of where to go hard and when to shift to keep a good rhythm on the course. In my last 10 laps, I did every lap 2 seconds faster. I had such a good pace I was pulling away from everyone. With 2 laps to go I got a slow flat on my front wheel, so I took a little visit to the pit to change my bike, and then took another change in the last lap when the mechanic had changed the wheel. But even those two last laps, I was riding 4 seconds slower than the other lap times.

I finished the race with a 35-second advantage and took the national title!!!

I would like to say thanks to all of you for supporting and cheering for me!!!!

Here are the videos and such...

There are some video clips and photo!

Enjoy...and maybe there is hope for me at least...:eek:...or not