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    I've been cycling Central Park for about 18 months now
    wondering if I am over doing it. I had posted that the
    period was 18 months. It was actually 18 weeks.

    Here's the stats: Age: 53 Ht: 5' 11"

    Weight: 180 lbs

    Total Weeks: 18

    26 Miles/Wk Average

    Total Time: 32 Hours

    Average Distance: 19.5 Miles

    Average Speed: 17.7 MPH

    The winter in New York gets brutal in January so I missed a
    few weeks.

    Now that spring is almost here I would like to increase
    training. I lift weights three days on one day off with
    some warm-up

    and stretching.If I circle the park twice the distance
    increases to about
    24.6 miles including the warm-up ride from lower

    Manhattan to Central Park along the Hudson River Park. I
    intend to bike every other day weather permitting. I
    guess once

    around on easy days and twice around on hard days. Or should
    I go for three times around?

    I bought a copy of The Cyclist's Training Bible. It is
    helpful but dated. The weather turns cold and rainy. I
    probably need to get a trainer.

    Any comments or suggestions?