cortisone... recovery and experiences?



Hi everyone, well.. I unfortunately had to get a cortisone injection into the back of my left knee yesterday, which has basically stopped me from walking for a few days.. it was very painful and i have to have about a week off then i can commence training.. at the moment though.. that feels like it will never happen!

Has anyone else had the injection before, if so, what were your expereinces, and how did you find recovery/strength afterwards?
hey steve,
well.. had some problems with getting a lot of swelling and some pain behind my knee from cycling.. then it started occuring from just walking around, had an MRI scan done, no tendon/ligament/cartilage damage but plenty of fluid... doctor is the aussie cycling teams doctor, and he suggested the needle to shrink away the fluid and it may help as he thought i may have a small cyst or something that flares up..

he said i can start training in a week, 15 minutes, first day, then day off, then 30 mins next day, day off and so on..
nope :-[ it hurts so much too.. but Im being brave.. but man.. when the local wore off.. my god it hurts! I m just hoping its possible to make a full recovery and have a normal leg after this that functions as good as my other one..!Im just going to get back into things very slowly...take my time and just see how it goes....
Hi Ness,

Gotta confess that I try to stay away from cortisone as much as possible. My brother-in-law got one about 6 weeks before the Comrades Marathon (the toughest marathon in SA), and finished the thing. The kickback however came about 3-4 months later when he couldn't walk comfortably. I asked my MD (he's a sports doctor) about this and he told me that cortisone is excellent in the recovery area, but some doctors overrate it. He told my that you should have a 1-2 month layoff (not completely but NO hard rides, just LSR's). After that you should start your usual training routine again.

As for my brother-in-law, he kicked my butt on Saturday while doing a 11km. He's going to do the Comrades again!
thanks ewep..
Well at this stage i have a new concern already.. havent started training (this is now 6 days since injection), if i lean over the leg or press behind my knee.. or sit still long enough.. i get like um.. instant pins and needles down to my toes in that leg.. if that makes sense! and a shot of pain.. a nervy feeling if anyone gets me?! ??? Anyone heard of this happening as a result of injections? When he acutally did the injection, i had a constant pain.. could feel it all the way to my toes on that leg.. until he took it out..!

Yeah, im going to ease back into things very bike comes off laybuy in a couple of weeks..

stupid thing is, the swelling behind my knee..the reason we injected it in the first place.. is still there after all of this..! :-[