Couple questions before buying new bike!


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Dec 10, 2013
I need little help from you guys and fast if u can help me!

So im planning to buy a Specialized bike. Im thinking Venge or tarmac (maybe s-works) and i got couple of questions about these.

1. Why buy venge? S-works (why)?
2. Why buy tarmac S-works (why)?
3. How much those frames weight? Is venge heavier (and how much)? And do you know how much the Allez -model weight (my friend had it and it is aluminum). If you know the numbers, tell me those pls (kilogram).
4. If you have rode those both bikes, tell about that.
5. Flat races -> which one to pick?
6. More hills -> which one to pick?
7. What kind of rider: Sprinter, breakawayguy, climber, etc.

I got these questions now on my mind. Really want the answers those weight -questions.

Thanks :)!