Cow From Iowa

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    Der vas a Norwegian farmer, Ole from Minnesota, and he vent to Iowa to buy a cow. Ole got to Iowa and bought the nicest looking cow der, and took it home.

    Getting ready to milk it, Ole grabbed hold of da teats, pulled, and da cow farted! Ole thought to himself, "Uffda, oh vhat da heck," and he grabbed hold of da teats again, pulled, and da cow farted again!

    At this point, in walked his Swedish neighbor, Sven. Eyeing Ole's new cow, Sven asked if he could try milking it, as it sure looked like a good milk cow. Ole replies ya, and Sven grabbed hold, pulled on da cows teats, and da cow farted. Sven looked at ole and said, "Ya buy dis cow from Iowa?"

    Ole said, "Ya I did, but I never told ya dat. how'd ya know I bought da cow in Iowa?"

    Sven said, " My vife Hilda is from Iowa".

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    Ha ha Cipher ! <br /><br />You must know norwegian yourself, I spotted some real norwegian words in there !!!