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Mar 11, 2002
2 cows standing in a field, looking around, chewing grass.<br />1 cow looks up and sez &quot;mooooo&quot;<br />The second cow sez &quot;dammit - I was gonna say that.&quot;<br /> ;D<br /><br />Same 2 cows a while later.<br />1st cow turns and sez &quot;What do you reckon about this mad cow disease?&quot;<br />2nd cow sez &quot;i dunno - i'm a chicken&quot;<br /> ;D
What do u call a cow with no legs?<br />Ground beef<br /><br />what do you call a cow with 2 legs?<br />Lean beef<br /><br /> ;D ;D :D
<br />What is the biggest use of leather in South Africa?<br /><br />Holding cows together....
<br />At the risk of blowing my god member status here's another:<br /><br /><br />What does DNA stand for?<br /><br />National Dyslexics Association.....
Yup Eldron, that one did blow it :p oh well and we had such high hopes....<br /><br />Notice I'm not adding many here...<br /><br />I guess I'd better not try posting any jokes here or I might be dropped to mole status....