Crack? Scratch? Scrack? Part 2

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Jon Bond, Jun 5, 2003.

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  1. Jon Bond

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    Ok, did what Mr. Brandt suggested, and put some soapy water on there. Not too much in the way of
    rough terrain right now that isn't mud bogged, so I just hopped around my driveway and did some big
    ring sprinting on it. Only for like 20 minutes or so, and couldn't give it a good thrashing with
    just pavement. Looks like at least one spot might have some aluminum oxide on it, but I'll leave it
    up to the pros!

    all the new images are here:

    From a certain angle, it almost looks like the scratch continues in an impossibly fine line into the
    inside area, just another few mm or so, around the corner there. I couldn't get it on film though,
    so it might just be

    I included a picture of a nasty little paint scratch I got about 3 weeks ago, which goes down to
    bare metal, but doesn't seem to have any AlO on it - just out of curiousity.

    Old pictures are here for comparison:

    Again, click "origional" to get the 1600x1200 photos. If you want a different angle or different
    lighting, I can try to get that too.

    I don't have a car today, or I'd take it to the bike shop. Should be able to get it there
    soon though.


    Jon Bond

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