Cracked carbon fiber frame - repairable?


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Jun 10, 2004
davereo said:
For what its worth. Carbon fiber is a suitable material to build a bike frame with. If it was not the manufacturers would not use it. Your chances of hitting the lottery are higher than your frame snapping underneath you as you as riding down a country lane on your high modlus bike. I like the picture of the blown out head tube. Looks like someones gun went off while they were riding.

Daryl Pickering

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Jun 24, 2012
I would never repair carbon frames unless they are not in a vital place as you could be putting your life on the line as there is still a slim chance it could fail even when repaired , frame makes that i trust for lifespan, resistance and performance are giant, specialized and planet x.

if the frame is gone i would consider a new bike. you can get a good GIANT TCR 3 Composite which is similar to what the tour riders use (Team Rabobank)

you can get one for about £1000/ $1600 (used) or exactly £1300/ $2030 (new)