Cracked rims on new bike?!?!


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Oct 18, 2019
Hey I just bought this new bike on amazon, and it seems both rims are cracked. The 'crack' runs around the entire rim from the outside walls to the inside of the rim where the tire sits. This leads me to think that its not a crack and just how the wheels are made... I run my finger across and I can clearly feel it, not really making for a smooth braking surface, but im more worried about the completely breaking.

Should I return this?!? Anyone with 6KU fixie wheels can confirm this?
They had a sticker over top of it seems strange.

Thanks for the help
Those are not technically cracks they are seams that are used during the assembly process, you're good to go. Some rims weld the hoop together and then they grind and buff the weld away so it appears to have no seam, that's a pinned rim you have so the seam will show, pinned rims are just fine to ride on, in fact they've been making rims like that for probably a century!
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