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    I've noticed a paucity of info and feedback on Cramerotti frames, so I thought I'd post my story.

    As the monsoon season (sort of) is settling into the Seattle area I finally decided that it would be kind of cruel to keep subjecting my all too pretty and lovingly maintained road bike to the wet muck. So I set off to find a decent training bike for the winter months.

    Long story short, my LBS was, sad to say, going out of buisness and had a Cramerotti Roverto frame that surprisingly was in my size. It is a cyclocross frame (which is nice because I can easily get fenders on it) with a not all too unagressive geometry (how's that for double negatives). Could not beat the price for a Deddacci Force Al frame with all carbon fork, so with their help and the fact that I was happy to consider some used components I built what is trully a FANTASTIC ride!

    Finally tally for a new frame, new FSA 200 wheels with vredestein fortezza tri comp tires, new DA crank, new FSA carbon post, new San Marco saddle, and used (one summer season) DA group, and a few FSA odds and ends (bar, stem, etc.) built was just under $1500 (US). I'd be happy to psot some pics of my particular setup if no one would think its too pretentious.

    I'm 6'2" and 182 lbs. The frame and setup is stiff with very little flex, is stable on fast descents (43 mph so far), and corners pretty well. Took it out on a team ride this weekend and absolutely loved it. We were many miles into the ride before someone commented that it was a cross bike.

    I would easily recommend this frame and company to anyone who's looking for a good deal on a great ride.