Crank lengths study

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    Oct 30, 2003
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    Hiya folks!
    I'm doing a study and thesis of crank length and what the pros are using. Can anyone add more riders to the list I have, so far?

    ...thanks in advance! Steve

    Jacques Anquetil 175mm
    Lance Armstrong 175mm
    Chris Boardman 170mm
    Santiago Botero 172.5mm
    Angel Casero 175mm
    Mario Cipollini 172.5mm
    Fausto Coppi 171mm
    Malcolm Elliott 172.5mm
    Tyler Hamilton 172.5mm
    Bernard Hinault 172.5mm
    Miguel Indurian 180mm (190mm for second Hour record!)
    Laurent Jalabert 172.5mm
    Greg Lemond 175mm
    Brad McGee 175mm
    Robbie McEwen 175mm
    Eddy Merckx 175mm
    David Millar 175mm (180mm in TT)
    Francesco Moser 175mm
    Marty Northstein 167.5mm in Keirin (170m in kilo)
    Graham Obree 175mm
    Marco Pantani 170mm (180mm in mountains)
    David Rebellin 172.5mm
    Roger Riviere 175mm
    Jean Robic 170mm
    Tony Rominger 172.5mm (175mm for Hour record)
    Oscar Sevilla 175mm
    Jan Ullrich 177.5mm
    Rik Verbrugghe 175mm
    Erik Zabel 172.5mm
    Alex Zulle 175mm (180mm in mountains)