Crank Revisions.

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Tom Blum

My parsimonious (read "cheap") ways may have gotten me in trouble.

My Speed Machine Clone has a Shimano STX crankset (94mm bhd) on it.

The 42 tooth large ring is a little small. I want to Gear up the big ring to 46 teeth. This
can be done.

The recent thread on half step interested me. BUT, the design of my crankset requires a special
middle ring with ears that mount the small ring. A pretty good search of parts suppliers finds
no such rings available. It this true??

I love my 22 tooth small ring. It's nice to bow to the hill gods when tired and just shift way
down and winch yourself up the hill. Speed be damned!!!

Any advice or leads are appreciated.

Miles of Smiles,

Tom Blum Winter Haven, Florida Homebuilts: SWB Tour Easy Clone Speed Machine Clone
Not open for further replies.