CranksGiving - St. Louis - 11/26 1pm

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    Cranksgiving is a charity bicycle ride that will help stock the local food banks. It will take place on 11/26, the sunday after Thanksgiving. Participants will be given a short shopping list of food items, as well a list of stores they must buy them from along two routes. After navigating the route and making the store purchases ($10-15 total), the participants return to Bicycle Works. Those who return with the correct items from the correct stores will be entered into a raffle of donated prizes.At the end of the ride you may join us as we pedal together to donate the food.
    Cranksgiving originated in New York City about ten years ago. Last year, more than 50 bike mesengers donated over $500 worth of food to a local soup kitchen. Mesenger or not lets bring this tradition to St.louis.

    Please Help spread the ride
    Cranksgiving @ Bicycle Works
    Sunday 11/26 @ 1 pm