Creeping Baby Jesus, and we thought North Shore vids were feral!

1) '**** my mate just fell of a cliff.'. but his bikes ok.

2) 'Can we just do that again from another angle, so that funny home videos will us 100 bucks!'

3) 'Be careful, we are in a national park. Dont disturb any rock formations.'

4) 'You always have to show off when i bring my girl friend.'

5) 'Pretty cool, but i did a similar thing last week on my pinarello dogma'

6) 'We are so lucky I brought some band aid's'
"TimC" <[email protected]
> Seen this one?
> They're going yikes fast. "Did you film it?".

hehe.. two points to note..

1) Americans.. sheesh!
2) Singlespeeder - no wonder he's alive. ;-)

Seriously though.. was that not THE worst
place to overbalance to the WRONG side?!?!
I mean throw the bike and jump up the mountain
ffs.. don't just go with it!! Still.. it's more interesting
than bike meets car.