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    Jul 19, 2003
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    Not much wind, overcast day, a bit of drizzle. Why not go for a training ride before settling in to watch the AFL Grand Final on TV to support my team in it's quest to win a threepeat.

    Good idea at the time.

    Set out with a 60km ride in mind. First 10k, feeling pretty good.

    Ride on a suburban road then go around the clover leaf onto the main highway. Feeling great, I'll sprint through this intersection so cars at the give way sign don't have to wait for me.

    The railway up ahead crosses at about a 45 degree angle to the road, should be no trouble at this speed (about 60kph).

    Next thing, a pull on the handle bar and I'm sliding along the tarmac. Cripes, what was that? Where's the bike? S**t my hip, elbow feels sore. Better get off the highway quick smart, there's cars coming.

    Bloody front wheel must have got caught on the wet rail track. Took about 5 mm off the top of the shimano 105 brakes. Otherwise no major damage.

    Next decision do I ride on, ride home, or just ring the missus. Pike out and take the third option.

    Now a few hours later I can hardly walk, big pain at top of hamstring on right leg. Not to mention the hole in the elbow, graze on the hips and ankle a wrecked long sleeved shrt aanf shortsOh well that rules out tomorrow's race.

    At least my beloved Brisbane Lions got up for a win.


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    Aug 7, 2003
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    On the same day i thought i would do a bit of cross training for a couple of hours. So out come the mountain bike and i head for the hills. Next thing i know i'm go head over heals down a hill. Skin off everywhere, dislocated left shoulder miles from anywhere and going into shock. Call 000, said they would send the chopper in for me. No way i said, so i walked out for about an hour and the ambulance to me to hospital for the night.
    But at least Brisbane got up for a win!
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    Sep 11, 2003
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    Wow, guys, hope you two are feeling better, sounds pretty rough. But you aussies are a tough bunch, aren't you?

    I wonder what bus or curb or downhill sprint will have my name on it?