Crashed my new Gioda


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Nov 29, 2009
It was a beautiful sunny day last Friday and after I completed my "honey-do" list it was time to ride! Got my gear on, headed down the driveway,stopped for a car coming by, put my left foot down, and slipped on the concrete driveway and did the splits(half) with my left leg.Baaaaad move. I can hardly walk, doctor says I'm lucky I didn't tear anything, just stretched and bruised,hope I recover to ride this summer.
kdelong said:
Ouch:eek:!!!!! Hope you feel better soon. Is the bike OK?
Not a scratch on the bike.I couldn't get up for about half an hour, thought I was going to have to call an ambulance but kid next door finally saw me and helped me up. Some day I'm going to laugh at this,but not for a while.
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HA HA I'm laughing now. I'm thinking (by the seat of my pants lol) that rubber soled mountain bike shoes would be a better choice for clipless than plastic bottomed road shoes, learned the hard way.