Crime doesn't pay - the medical bills, that is

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    Crime doesn't pay - the medical bills, that is

    Just for the record: There's no excuse for crime, in my

    But that doesn't stop drug manufacturers, HMOs, hospitals
    and insurance companies from shamelessly ripping us off left
    and right for their poisonous pills, hazardous mammograms
    and needless MRIs, does it? And what does our government do
    while they fleece us blind? They sit back and collect those
    nice, fat tax revenue checks as prices spiral up and out of
    reach of average Americans. I ask you: Where's their
    incentive to help trim our health care costs by freeing the
    free enterprise system to do what it does best - create the
    healthy competition that drives prices down...

    This is the fundamental principle our system is based on,
    but it's nothing more than a fantasy in this day and age.
    Nowadays, there's really no such thing as competition in the
    medical world. Why? Because doctors and hospitals
    artificially inflate their prices for care because they know
    someone other than the patient is paying the bills - which is
    why in order to pay for our medical bills, we now NEED
    those greedy insurance companies, HMO's, and government
    handouts. The only other way to pay for your health care is
    if you're independently wealthy...

    Unless you ROB A BANK!

    That's what one 71-year-old Florida man did just half an
    hour before his wife's doctor's appointment. Caught by
    police after the dye-pack in the money-bag exploded as he
    left the bank, the septuagenarian told investigators he
    needed the cash to pay for his wife's medical care! Like a
    modern-day American Gothic version of Bonnie and Clyde, this
    elderly man and his accomplice wife (she drove the getaway
    car) are now in a heap o' trouble - ostensibly because
    doctors cost so much. I guess they should look at the bright
    side, though: Medical care costs nothing in jail.

    This example is comical, sure, but it's also telling and
    tragic. Gone are the days when medical care was an
    affordable, cash-on-the-barrelhead proposition, just like
    car maintenance, carpentry work, or buying livestock. Gone
    are the days when doctors and hospitals had to keep their
    prices low or else their competitor across town would get
    the business. And gone are the days when YOU decide what
    your medical options are, not some pointy-headed, bean-
    counting pencil pusher who's paying the bloated bills.

    Talk about robbery in the name of medicine, huh?

    Banned! Why the FDA slammed the door on
    nature's best cholesterol buster...

    While many Americans are popping risky and expensive statin
    drugs for cholesterol control, the FDA is blocking the sale
    of red yeast rice - a safe, natural source of powerful

    Why? Because the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA have
    convinced our medical establishment that costly drugs are
    the answer to all our health worries - despite their dubious
    track record and often-deadly side effects...

    Learn how one courageous M.D. has spent his entire career
    proving that nobody does it better than Mother Nature.

    Paper clip patch-up

    Remember a while back when I told you about that whack-job
    doctor (who's likely still licensed somewhere in this
    country, by the way) who implanted a freshly sawed-off
    section of screwdriver into a person's spine because he'd
    misplaced in mid-operation the high-tech titanium rod that
    was supposed to be installed? (Daily Dose, 10/17)

    That kind of stuff makes headlines here in America for its
    rarity - but apparently it's par for the course across the
    pond in Britain!

    According to a recent Reuters online article, British
    surgeons are commonly using such household items as PAPER
    CLIPS and CLOTHES PINS during common medical procedures. Not
    emergency measures in the field, mind you, but routine
    operating-room scenarios. Relaying the findings of a
    Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency report, the article
    outlined instances in which common paper clips (and urinary
    catheters) were used to close wounds - and wooden clothes
    pegs were used to attach pulse oximeters to patients'

    Amusing? Not really. The report also cites instances in
    which this type of medical improvisation led to some
    disastrous consequences: Widespread use of ordinary tongue
    depressors as splints for infants' limbs were directly
    responsible for two deaths and one amputation from infection!

    I wonder: Is this the kind of thing we could expect in
    America if our health-care system becomes governmentalized,
    like Britain's? Believe it or not, many in left-leaning
    socialized medicine circles tout the British health care
    system as being one to emulate - even with such snafus (and
    horrendous waiting times for even routines procedures, I'm
    told) into the bargain. But you don't even have to look that
    far to see the degeneracy of government medicine - just a
    glance northward. Canadians swarm south to get surgical

    Don't know about you, but I'll take my chances here any

    Waving a red flag because I don't want to live under one,

    William Campbell Douglass II, MD