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I went on the Critical Mass for the first time tonight ..

Their seemed to be a lot of anti-war people, which is okay, you can demonstrate what you like. I was
there to just have a cycle around London without worrying about traffic. Full respect to the police
for their attitude throughout the evening[2].

The cycle seemed to break down half way through, and there was a lot of people who seemed to want to
make a militant cycle of it. No wonder loads of people disappeared.

It's a slow cycle, and not really a chance to enjoy London at speed and get a bit of fun en masse.
There are a mixed group of people there, including a wheelchair (you did fantastically .. I should
have said hello, but I'm easily embarrassed off Usenet), so that's I'm not really whinging about
that. More a case that CM is not for me.

We came across the Friday Night Skate, who looked like they were having a great time. I've been on
the FNS before a few times, and the CM was depressing in comparison.

My main problem was that CM is about reclaiming the roads and enjoying yourself, and the lack of
organisation. The police had no idea what was going on, and nore did we. Why did we stop in the
middle of main roads for 10 minutes on numerous occasions[1]? Okay, I understand the stopping at
the war pickets, but it's about cycling. The hippy bird who tried to get us all, but did get loads,
to shout 'LOVE' into the sky (to send love to Iraq) was comical in my opinion. Have your own
reasons to protest, please don't force them upon the rest of us. I was there to enjoy cycling in
London without traffic.

One mid 40's bloke kept on pulling wheelies on a Schwinn type bike. Comical.

Tonight proved two things ... the general public are complete idiots (cyclists or not), and CM
manages to get people to hate cyclists and not love them.


p.s. one bloke on a bike shouted out "Kill your bosses" to a couple of chauffeurs .. what the
hell is that about?

[1] / p.p.s. one driver nudged a cyclist ("I'm in a bloody hurry"), we all stayed there for at least
15 minutes because we wanted to. (Sorry to the general public who were affected by this fools
dangerous actions ... but we had to make him wait).

p.p.p.s. Where did all the younger people disappear too? Where did the main stereo on a quad go? I
wanted to be with you lot.

[2] to the cycle copper who said 'Mmm coffee and a Danish' .. you just reinforced "The Simpsons"
stereotype :) I said 'pub would be better' .. and he agreed [3]

[3] Thanks for all your efforts tonight. Sorry to get you out with such a mixed up bunch of people,
when you could be doing something more important.
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