Critter chirping chits to outer Wit's End ...

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  1. "There once was a politician of Florida
    Whose Senate race was Fodder for Foes.
    The name of the race ... Horrid and Horrider.
    The populace found her, however,
    As Hillary well knows,

    [After ballots discounted, wind ~ fluttering
    Chits miscounted, many mumbled and muttered,
    Long after numerous luminous moons
    Waxed and waned, as one observerd explained.]

    Sometime later, to pay The Punitive Piper,
    For, better than never, if more timely, the price,
    The Piper exclaimed ~

    'O, that's not nice,' grumbled the brooding griper,
    'If nurtured, a Democratic fruit grows riper.
    For ballots ripped, a penance, if no recompense
    Or guilt. The World must be nicer.'

    Her mishaps, off balance, a theatrical cast
    Swung unhinged. Earth's vertiginous rocking,
    Hanging perilously in the lurch, could not last.

    Alas, the populace soon found her,
    Declared her far too mentally unstable ...

    ~ Chitter ~ chattering
    Critter chirping chits to outer
    Wit's no end ~

    And mercifully took her and drowned her,
    To get Katherine Harris out of Florida.
    Many frowns inverted to smiles, for miles and miles,
    Meanwhile, the weather ... torrid and horrider ..."

    ~ A Very Gorey Christmas,
    >From "Yorick's Book of Sense:

    A Companion to The Rook of Nonsense"

    ~ * ~
    Blog, I'll warrant ye, or dog? Who knows. Pass the grog!
    But if ye see me lost pup, please bring that scurvy dog home!
    I got Leon a brand-new bone, with a chest full a' booty.

  2. "To the tradition monastic, twelve friars
    Brought back a Jovial Black Jack,
    Under the perspicacity of The Nocturnal Clout.
    Do not consolidate the Hope of Rope

    For a Rope of Nope, plus the derivation of a life
    Drawn from doubtful annihilation.
    On the trapeze of the flight,
    If a cord unraveled or unbalanced Thee ~

    For reasonable, so much of fear,
    Too reasonable, if unseasonable, your tears,

    To be mangled or seriously perilously tangled,
    Hear ~ ? Discord, no safe flight of light.
    Seek Virtue, no matter if Order,
    Or splashing frolic,

    Your tonic.

    For as The Gospel of Edward tells us ~
    The Neape's sufferings are chronic.
    Its tears and wails, acutely sonic."
    ~ Mum
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