Croatia MTB opportunities


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Feb 21, 2010
Timber exploitation in the triangle between Rijeka, Karlovac and Karlobag has created good roads which can serve cyclists for all kinds of trips and sport training.
Quite a number is paved and suitable for racing bikes but MTB is certainly a more reliable choice.
If summer heat makes cycling too strenuous seaside is always near and a dive in Adriatic can make you forget all you pain.
Nice and secure chance for getting acquainted with MTBiking in Central Croatia is participation at the amateur MTB race "Hillclimb to Mt Zavizan from 0 to 1594 m" which starts in June from Senj . This year 2010 the date is Saturday June 19th. Races from 2008 and 2009 can be seen at and [ame=""][/ame] .
The organizer is the Senj Tourist Office where registrations shall start in May.