crotch death


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Sep 23, 2011
Several years ago, about two-thirds of the way up a 30km hill climb, I suddenly perceived a strange sensation from the area of my anatomy where my legs start to part. That sensation was... no sensation at all. A quick grab at the affected area found nuthin' but lycra and chamois. This, as you might imagine, precipitated an instant pull off the road to fling the bike to the verge and initiate a more thorough examination of what I soon thereafter learned was known as the "perineal area". Vigorous massage then followed, to restore blood flow and nerve response to a part of me of which I had always been exceedingly fond. It was surely unfortunate that this was the moment when a happy family in a van should come trundling around the corner to happen upon what must have seemed a person enjoying riding his bicycle rather too much. Better fitting cyclewear - and indeed, a better fitting bike - have since ensured no recurrence of quite the scariest physical sensation I've ever experienced in my life. I wish this never to happen to you.